Life On An Arctic Ice Slab

Life in the Northeastern U.S. during winter is bad enough.

But imagine living in numbing Arctic chill where the temperatures can range from -29C to -68C.

One wrong step and you could potentially fall 12,000 feet into the cold, cold ice.

After spending three days at a temporary U.S. Navy camp in the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic wastelands, Los Angeles Times reporter Tomas Alex Tizon and photographer Myung Chun have produced an interesting story about life on an Arctic ice floe.

“The cold crept through my boots and socks, into my toes and up my legs. It numbed my fingers and face and froze the moisture in my eyes. It swept into my lungs,” writes Tizon.

There’s also a short video that shows a Navy submarine surfacing through the ice.

For the full L.A.Times story, click here.

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