Gujju Behns Eating Dhokla in Atlantic City Casino?

Gujarati Women at an Atlantic City Casino

Gujju Behns in the Den of Vice – at an Atlantic City Casino

Boredom makes men and women explore strange things, particularly when thrown into a strange environment.

If a move to a different culture is hard enough for the educated Indian middle class – those with the so-called cosmopolitan world views – it must be much harder for these Gujju Behns transported to America and cast into a totally alien social milieu.

Their limited education and grasp of English, and different dress habits make Gujju Behns seem like fishes out of water in mainstream America. Assimilation is just out of the question for most of them.

Visiting any place in the company of other Gujju Behns is preferable to spending yet another dreary day in their homes, assembling in the local park, or chanting slokas in praise of the Lord.

Even a visit to the Sin City a.k.a Atlantic City of the East Coast is fine.

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