Jet Airways Scores Big with NYT

Jet Airways got such effusive coverage of its plans to commence daily flights between Mumbai and Newark (in the New York area) effective August 5  in the New York Times’ travel section on Sunday that it must have made other airlines flying to India see red.

In a puff-piece headlined A Flying Apartment to India with an accompanying photo of a pretty woman lounging on a bed with a laptop, the NYT gave Jet Airways enviable coverage, particularly of the eight first-class suites with sliding doors.

Each 26-square-foot suite includes a seat that converts into a seven-foot bed (right), a 23-inch flat-screen monitor, LED lighting, a hanging wardrobe and a credenza for dining or working. Passengers can order Dom Pérignon and Krug.

Panasonic has developed the entertainment system for the 18-hour flight via Brussels.

According to the NYT story, Jet Airways plans to fly new Boeing 777s on the Mumbai-Brussels route.

Ticket prices will depend on when how far in advance you book. Round trip tickets start at $10,085 for first-class, $6,150 for the premiere and $850 for the lowly economy.

By the way, Jet Airways also took out a full-page color Ad in the main section of NYT on Sunday to promote its First Class private suite service.

Wonder what Jet Airways’ high-flying ambitions mean for our dowdy Air India. Stay tuned.

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