Reporters Sue HP over Dirty Tactics

A bunch of reporters from CNET and the AP sued HP and two of its former executives over the computer giant’s use of illegal tactics while spying on journalists and their family members.

HP’s investigators illegally obtained telephone records of reporters using “pretexting” techniques – pretending to be someone else to get private information – to get call logs while spying on reporters and their familes, and board members.

HP resorted to spying and other dirty tactics to stop unauthorized leaks to the media.

Kevin Boyle, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, told the Wall Street Journal  (subscription required):

We’re filing the lawsuits to make sure this never happens again.

HP told the WSJ it was “disappointed” by the reporters’ decision and would defend itself.

HP has already agreed to pay the state of California $14.5 million to settle civil charges related to the scandal.

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