Brazil Health System To Pay for Sex-Change Ops

Brazil’s state-run public health system will pay even for sex-change operations.

Brazil’s Health Ministry said Saturday that the public health system would provide free sex-change operations to citizens in compliance with a court order.

Brazilian lawyers successfully argued that sexual reassignment surgery is covered under a constitutional clause guaranteeing medical care as a basic right.

Transsexuals are said to represent about 0.001% of the population in Brazil.

While medical care is a basic right of citizens in several countries like Brazil, Canada and U.K., it is not so in India and the U.S. where vested interests hold sway.

In the U.S. and India, tens of millions of poor people do not have access to basic medical care because of the high costs.

The problem in India is that the state-run health care system is corrupt and hopelessly inadequate (particularly in rural areas) while in America the issues are prohibitive costs and lack of insurance for about 50 million people.

So these sick millions in India and U.S. suffer and die silently every day.

Blinded by unhealthy greed and abetted by corrupt and uncaring politicians, the U.S. health-care industry – which includes primarily health insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies – has brought about an American tragedy that is literally causing painful misery to countless people every day.

Watch Michael Moore’s Sicko to see how bad things have gotten in the U.S.

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