More Problems at Dell

It seems like there’s no end in sight to Dell’s problems.

Just after disclosures of fraud in its accounting, Dell’s having serious problems shipping some of its laptops and desktops.

The problems couldn’t have come at a worser moment for Dell because the lucrative Back to School season is getting started in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has a story with the details:

Persistent delays in laptop shipments caused by paint problems and supply constraints have put a crimp in the company’s turnaround efforts. Since late July, it has delayed shipments of some colorful models of its latest notebook computers, the XPS M1330 and its new Inspiron PCs. This latest incident — hitting right in the crucial back-to-school selling season — marks a significant setback in its push to rebuild its brand and business.

Apparently, Dell’s been facing issues of dust contamination in the painting process.

According to the WSJ story:

Dell hasn’t disclosed the magnitude of the problem so it is unclear how widespread the customer backlash will be.

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