Get the Door;It’s Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza is expanding in India big time.

The pizza chain, which opened its first Indian store in 1996 and has 156 outlets now, wants to have 500 outlets by 2010-11.

The U.S. Pizza company plans to invest Rs 350 crore to support its expansion, reports ET.

Domino’s India is looking at an additional 60 outlets by March 2008, 70 more by 2009 and the rest by 2010-11.

Domino’s has its Pizza outlets across the country from Simla in the north to Chennai in the south.

Like other international fast food players operating in India, Domino’s has also Indianized its menu. For instance, it offers Paneer toppings as well as Chicken Seekh Kebab and Keema Do Pyaaza Pizzas.

Given the obesity issues that have arisen here in the U.S. in the wake of eating high fat food such as Pizza, you have to ask yourself whether the expansion of Pizza chains in India is good over the long term?

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