Tsunami of TV Channels Hits Indian Viewers

Indian TV viewers have never had it so good or so bad (depending on the viewer).

Some 100 TV channels are supposed to be launched over the next 12 months with more to come.

While this huge expansion in TV channels means so much more choice for viewers, it also portends intense competition for ad dollars.

Coming as this TV expansion does amidst growing Internet usage, the battle for ad dollars is bound to be unprecedented and may also cause ripples over the Internet advertising and the print markets as well.

A Reuters story highlights the opportunities and challenges in the expansion of TV channels in India:

With the total number of channels on air set to hit 700 by 2009, broadcasters will be forced to slash advertising rates and spend heavily on improving technology to ensure their channels are carried into homes, or face the prospect of being swallowed up by rivals.

For now anyway, everyone is just scrambling to launch more TV channels.

The Prannoy Roy-headed NDTV is launching several new channels including an entertainment channel soon and gearing up to expand its presence in the U.S. as well to target the diaspora.

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