True Lies in America

In America, it seems everything is for sale.

Now you can even buy convincing lies, with a nice alibi to back you up when you face some of life’s sticky situations.

Want to get off for a weekend with your girlfriend without the wife knowing, skip a boring office conference, justify missing an event, a fake hotel or airline reservation? No problem. Help is at hand.

Just get your credit card out.

There’s a company called Alibi Network that sells alibis for a price. On its web site, Alibi Network declares its mission statement:

To invent, create and provide personalized virtual alibis for people wishing to anticipate and justify absences.

Just in case, you are not smart enough to understand its raison d’être, the Chicago-based company makes its goal explicit in a lengthy Q&A:

We provide alibis, or a way to justify absences from home, work,  family events, etc. The basic concept is rather simple: we invent, create and provide alibis and excuses for people wishing to justify absences. These alibis can take various forms: a telephone call simulating work emergency or car accident, an invitation to a classical music event, a letter documenting your participation in a sales seminar, a Dallas Cowboys football game or a Britney Spears concert ticket… It is up to you to choose an alibi appropriate to your own circumstances, lifestyle, needs, etc.

Of course, there’s no free lunch. Besides the annual membership fee of $75, Alibi Network charges fees ranging from $10-$55 per single alibi. For customized alibis, the fees depend on their complexity.

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