Delhi’s Serial Killer Strikes Again – 7 Dead

In the latest incident involving Delhi’s notorious Blueline buses, seven pedestrians were killed today in India’s capital city.

A Blueline bus mowed down seven people at Ali Gaon taking the total toll from these deadly buses to 93 this year.

The dead in today’s gory incident involving a Blueline bus on Route 460 included five women, a child and a man. Eight others were injured.

Upset over the bloody incident, a mob of 3,000 threw stones at the bus and attempted to set it on fire.

One of the most incompetent governments in India today, the Delhi administration has done little to stop the killing spree of these privately owned Blueline killer buses, which are often reported to be speeding.

Residents of Delhi commonly refer to the 4,000 Blueline buses plying in the city as the “killer fleet“.

Death Toll from Blueline Buses
2007 – 93 (Jan-Oct 6)
2006 – 100
2005 – 142

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