New York Times Slams Aaja Nachle

The New York Times has joined the chorus of movie critics that have slammed Madhuri Dixit’s new movie Aaja Nachle (produced by Yash Raj Films).

Reviewing Aaja Nachle in Saturday’s edition of the NYT, Rachel Saltz writes:

“Aaja,” directed by Anil Mehta, tries but doesn’t quite know what to do with Ms. Dixit, a wonderful dancer, who plays Dia, a choreographer living in New York….

The questions in Dia’s life are interesting (and echo those in Ms. Dixit’s) — Where does she fit in Indian society? What kind of artist will she be? — but Jaideep Sahni’s screenplay doesn’t fully address or dramatize them. Worse, the film denies Dia, who is divorced with a daughter, a love life. All her passion goes into the show she’s staging and into playing cheerleader to a budding romance between its leads.

Facing almost universal criticism from Bollywood movie aficionados, it seems unlikely that Aaja Nachle will have much impact at the box office.

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