India Launches Missile Interceptor Successfully

India’s military has carried out its first launch of a single stage interceptor missile against an electronic ballistic missile as target.

The interceptor missile launch took place from Wheeler Island, an island off the coast of the east Indian state of Orissa.

Indian defense personnel claim that the Endo-atmospheric interceptor intercepted the missile at 15 kilometers altitude exactly as designed for high supersonic speed.

Apparently, all the elements of ballistic missile defence (BMD) required for control and monitoring performed in a copybook fashion validating the design of the “Endo-atmospheric” layer of BMD system.

Defense officials said high-tech instrumentation provided precise and accurate data regarding the performance of the interceptor missile.

It seems the success of this operation has given confidence to India’s military to proceed with the next test of intercepting adversary ballistic missile by Endo-atmospheric interceptor missile.

The next test is scheduled to take place soon.

Meanwhile, India’s first domestic-built nuclear-powered submarine is said to be getting ready for trials by 2009. The submarines will be able to launch nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

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