Dumb Bollywood Director Whines Over Bad Reviews

Yes, Aaja Nachle is a dud at the box office.

So, who’s to blame?

The stupid movie’s stupid director Anil Mehta, of course.

Instead of acknowledging his limited talents as a director, the bozo is whining that critics have harmed his first film Aaja Nachle’s prospects at the box office through their negative reviews.

Now, Anil has taken his sob story to Reuters:

Many of us read what the critics have to say before going to the theatres and with such negative reviews coming out, it has automatically hurt the film badly.

And it’s all the fault of the reviewers, you see not the pedestrian story that lacked depth:

Reviews like this create a very bad word-of-mouth and that is what has happened.

Whoever said the malady of the ignorant is to be ignorant of their ignorance surely had Anil Mehta in mind.

Anil Bhai, better stick to cinematography and stop overreaching for stuff that’s beyond your abilities.

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