In Gujarat, it’s Dr.Death vs Italian Bahu

With the first phase of elections in Gujarat less than a week away, it’s anybody’s guess whether Dr.Death a.k.a. Narendra Modi can trump India’s Italian Bahu a.k.a Sonia Gandhi.

While Chief Minister Narendra Modi is in the dock over communal violence in 2002 that led to the massacre of many Muslims in Gujarat, his arch rival Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi is an unimpressive leader whose only claim to fame is that she was lucky (or may be unlucky) enough to marry into the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Lately, the Congress party has referred to Modi as Dr.Death for justifying the death of Sohrabuddin Sheikh in a police encounter.

So for the hapless people of the western Indian state of Gujarat, they are caught between the Scylla of Narendra Modi and the Charybdis of Sonia Gandhi.

We don’t envy those poor folks of Gujarat.

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