Netflix – Interesting Stats

For movie buffs living in the U.S.,  Netflix is an excellent source of both Bollywood, Hollywood and foreign movies.

You pick your movies online on the Netflix web site and the DVDs come to you via mail in a day or two. Postage both ways is included in the subscription.

Here are some interesting Netflix statistics: 

No of DVDs   – 55 million
DVDs Shipped Every Day – 1.6 million
No of Titles   – 100,000
No of Titles for Instant Viewing – 12,000
No of Subscribers - 8.2 million
No of Subscription plans – 9
No of Shipping Points - 100 
No of Movie Ratings – 2 Billion

Netflix also has a Watch Instant feature that lets subscribers watch movies (via broadband) directly on TV through the Roku box.

Besides a wide choice of Hindi movies, Netflix has a decent collection of Tamil movies as well.

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