Dus Kahaniyan – 10 Decent Movies

Dus Kahaniyan is one of those better films to emerge out of the stinking sewers of Bollywood.

Unlike most Bollywood movie makers, who usually steal or rehash successful stories, throw in some big-name stars who usually can’t act and then desperately pray for success, Dus Kahaniyan takes a different tack.

The folks behind Dus Kahaniyan seem to have made a genuine effort to break out of the same-old, same-old box and bring something new to Bollywood fans.

Unlike most lengthy Bollywood nightmares, Dus Kahaniyan is a collection of 10 short films.

Most of the films in this collection have an unexpected twist in the ending a la a an O.Henry short story. 

We considered all the short films in Dus Kahaniyan to be decent, albeit some more so than the others.

Our favorite movies in Dus Kahaniyan were Pooranmasi and Gubbare.

Directed by Meghna Gulzar, Pooranmasi features that talented actress Amrita Singh in a moving film that has a tragic end.

Gubbare is directed by Sanjay Gupta and features Nana Patekar, one of the few Bollywood actors to understand the meaning of acting. This is again a touching film with much of the movie actually happening during a short bus journey.

Although we liked Naseeruddin Shah in Rice Plate, we weren’t too pleased with Shabana Azmi’s performance in this movie that explores the interaction between an elderly Hindu woman and an old Muslim man in an unusual way. We thought Shabana grossly overdid the Tamil accent.

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