Most Pakistanis Want Musharraf To Go

A new poll published after President Pervez Musharraf declared emergency rule on November 3, 2007 shows that two-thirds of Pakistanis want him to quit while 70% feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Conducted by the U.S.-based International Republican Institute, the poll casts a harsh spotlight on Musharraf with 67% calling for the Pakistan President to resign.

The emergency rule declared by Musharraf drew overwhelming criticism with 70% opposing the measure and 57% strongly opposing it.

Pakistani voters also opposed the various measures that accompanied the emergency declaration:

* 71% opposed suspension of the constitution;
* 77% opposed detention of former Supreme Court justices;
* 76% opposed closure of TV news channels;
* 73% opposed swearing in of new Supreme Court justices;
* 70% opposed ban on political rallies; and
* 76% opposed crackdown on lawyers and civil society and house arrest of opposition leaders.

In what must be a worrying sign to Musharraf, 62% of Pakistanis supported the ongoing protests against the state of emergency while only 35% opposed it.

Musharraf is expected to lift the emergency on Saturday.

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