Pak Diverted U.S. Aid Dollars to Counter India – NYT

Pakistan has taken billions of dollars from U.S. aid to attack Al Queda and Taliban and diverted it to acquire weapons to counter India, reports the New York Times in the Monday edition of the paper.

The NYT reports that U.S. aid of $5 billion since 9/11 to boost Pakistan’s military efforts against Al Queda and Taliban has been a waste and that some invoices are inflated by as much as 30%.

The NYT article says:

Bush administration and military officials said they believed that much of the American money was not making its way to frontline Pakistani units. Money has been diverted to help finance weapons systems designed to counter India, not Al Qaeda or the Taliban, the officials said, adding that the United States has paid tens of millions of dollars in inflated Pakistani reimbursement claims for fuel, ammunition and other costs.

Besides the $5 billion provided through the Coalition Support Funds,  the U.S. also offers Pakistan $300 million every year for military equipment and training.

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