Here’s a Priceless ‘Disposable’ Goldmine

Everyone is after your information these days, especially in the online world.

All those pesky web sites want your Name, E-mail, Telephone Number, Social Security Number, Address, Sex, Date of Birth, length of your you know what and what not.

And before you know it your priceless personal information is floating around the world. Manna for identity thieves.

We just stumbled upon a blog that provides a list of valuable online disposable tools. Keep this list handy.

The disposable tools include:

Mintemail – Disposable e-mail
Numbr – Disposable Telephone number
BugMeNot – Disposable login details
FakeNameGenerator – Disposable fake names and address generator – Disposable anonymous file sharing service

Danish blogger Aibek deserves thanks for highlighting these tools.

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