Pak Dictator Musharraf Crushed in Polls

Pakistanis have dealt a crushing defeat to dictator and President Pervez Musharraf in the elections held Monday.

Many of Musharraf’s cronies were defeated in the elections.

The New York Times said Monday in its online edition:

From unofficial results the private news channel, Aaj Television, forecast that the Pakistan Peoples Party would win 110 seats in the 272-seat national assembly, with Mr. Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-N taking 100 seats.

Mr. Musharraf’s party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Q, was crushed, holding on to just 20 to 30 seats. Early results released by the state news agency, the Associated Press of Pakistan, also showed the Pakistan Peoples Party to be leading in the number of seats in the national assembly.

Where will Musharraf flee now that his people have administered him a resounding defeat?

Like former Phillipines President Ferdinand Marcos, will Musharraf also seek asylum in some other country? Watch this space.

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