Penis Diet – What the Heck is That?

We’ve heard of Low Carb Diet, South Beach Diet, Low Fat Diet, Atkins Diet, Low Sodium Diet, Vegetarian Diet and a variety of other diets.

Penis Diet, what the heck is that? Sounds like what some desperate pornographers would be peddling in junk e-mail. You know, the kind that arrives uninvited in your inbox with headers like Add four-inches to your…, Surprise Your Girlfriend and the like.

But Penis Diet is not the desperate attempt of an e-mail marketer to fleece you out of your money. 

Penis Diet is actually what two U.S. doctors have come up with for men who are not quite convinced that drugs like Viagra are the best way to achieve an erection.

Penis Diet is also the name of a 75-page book co-authored by the two doctors Damon Z. Cozamanis, D.C. and Marc D. Grobman, D.O., F.A.C.P.

Since we were utterly flummoxed by the Penis Diet, we called one of the authors of the book Dr.Grobman and interviewed him about this new Diet.

According to Dr.Grobman, the Penis Diet involves:

* eliminating white rice, white bread  and white pasta from your diet because of their high carbohydrate content. Dr.Grobman says high carbohydrate food are not broken down as well as simple carbohydrates like brown rice.

* avoiding red meat because of the cholesterol issues. Weight gain, high cholesterol and high triglycerides poison blood vessels, obstruct them and fail to deliver enough blood to penis to facilitate an erection.

* eating more chicken (good source of protein) and fish (good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids).

* Consuming dietary supplements like L-Arginine – to keep blood vessels elastic so that they can deliver blood to the penis for an erection.

Since Dr.Grobman is peddling the Penis Diet for cash, he was predictably not keen on divulging too much of the contents of the book. We understand.

Dr.Grobman candidly acknowledged that while there was nothing new in what he was advocating, the book Penis Diet:

gives people the ability to reach out and choose proper food that they may not have choosen otherwise.

Besides dietary suggestions and plans, Penis Diet is supposed to highlight other issues like physical and emotional conditions that may contribute to the problem, “how and why” of treatment options that really work, and guides the reader on how to integrate the best changes into his sexual relationships.

Discusing the book Penis Diet, Dr.Grobman said:

Drugs only address the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and come with a host of unwanted side-effects. In the Penis Diet, we offer a comprehensive plan that addressed one of the main problems associated with ED – lack of adequate blood flow to the penis.

Acording to Dr. Grobman:

Instead of taking a pill for a quick fix, we provide answers that do more than just improve sexual performance for a few hours. What we present in this book can also bring about positive changes in other aspects of life, such as self image, relationships and job performance – in and out of the bedroom.

Penis Diet is published by iUniverse and retails for $10.95.

Apparently, Penis Diet is available in both the regular book format as well as in digital form.

Hey, we’re not recommending the Penis Diet and if things don’t work for you or if it gets worse or even if things get wonderfully better, we really don’t want to know.

As they say on the coupon web sites like FatWallet, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

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