Ram Bhaktas Victorious in Karnataka Assembly Elections

BJP, the party of Ram Bhaktas notched up yet another electoral victory – this time in the South Indian state of Karnataka – but fell just three seats short of a clear majority.

Here’s the latest Karnataka Election tally:

Party        Seats Won     Seats Won
               2008          2004
BJP            110            79   
Congress      80            65
JD (S)          28            58
Independents  6            13   
Others           0            10
Total          224           225

In 2004 Assembly elections too, none of the major parties got a clear majority. Initially Congress and Janata Dal Secular formed a coalition Government which however did not last long. HD Kumaraswamy withdrew support to Congress-Janata Dal coalition Government in January/February 2006.

Janata Dal (S) joined hands with BJP and formed the Government. As a result the first time member of Karnataka Assembly HD Kumaraswamy became the Chief Minister and BJP’s BS Yediyurappa the Deputy Chief Misnister of Karnataka with understanding that after 20 months BS Yediyurappa would become Chief Minister of Karnataka.

This agreement regarding the rotation of Chief Ministership however was not honored by Janata Dal (S). HD Kumaraswamy attempted to form yet another coalition Government with Congress support. When the second attempt of coalition did not work, HD Kumaraswamy joined hands yet again with BJP and BS Yediyurappa became the Chief Minister of Karnataka on November 2, 2007.

Yediyurappa, however, was Chief Minister for just the one week as Janata Dal S did not support BJP at the crucial No-Confidence motion in Assembly. As a result President’s rule was declared in Karnataka in November 2007.

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