Indian Programmers Love Orkut More

More Indian software developers use Google’s Orkut social networking web site than rival sites like Facebook or MySpace, according to a new survey by IT market researcher Evans Data.

In general, Facebook and MySpace are more popular social networking sites in the U.S. although we don’t know where these sites stand vis-a-vis developers.

In a survey of 300 software developers in India, 73% said they’d used Orkut compared to 35% for Facebook and 32% for MySpace.

Apparently, Indian developers are more interested in social networking sites than developers in other parts of the world. 

According to Evans Data CEO John Andrews:

While Facebook has been heavily promoting its platform to developers, Google’s Orkut has quietly taken the largest share of developers in India. Capturing mindshare with developers in fast growing emerging development markets like India and Brazil gives them a strategic advantage going forward in further cultivating this very important community.

Here are some more highlights from the Evans Data survey:

    * Indian developers consider technology or platform vendors the most credible source of information on emerging technologies
    * Almost half of all Indian developers, 47%, participate in coding contests
    * Over half of Indian software developers are single, and much younger than their counterparts in North America or Europe

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