iPhone 3G Coming to India on August 22

iPhone 3G – Hold Off on the Purchase 

Apple’s hot iPhone 3G is officially landing in India on August 22.

Indian wireless carrier Bharti Airtel has said it’ll launch the iPhone 3G on August 22.

Since India still does not have a 3G network, Indian users will have to be content with slow browsing speeds and slooow downloads.

Airtel  did not provide details of the pricing or the various plans it will offer with the iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G

Vodafone will also offer the iPhone 3G in India but has not disclosed details of its launch schedule.

The iPhone has become a big hit in the U.S. but it’s not achieved the same response in Europe.

App Store
The biggest draw of the iPhone 3G is the App Store, which offers more than a thousand applications that run on the iPhone as well as on the iPod touch MP3 and video player.

A lot of applications from the App Store are free while 90% are said to cost less than $10.

But we’ve seen few iPhone applications focused on Indian content. Obviously, that’s bound to change as the iPhone is launched in India and starts to gain market share. The one paid iPhone 3G application focused on India that we tested turned out to be pathetic.

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