Critics Rape God Tussi Great Ho

One of the worst movies to come out of Bollywood’s sewers lately, God Tussi Great Ho (an outright theft of the Hollywood hit Bruce Almighty) has been right royally screwed by a gaggle of critics.

The Economic Times:

Director Rumy Jafry’s directorial debut pretends to say something deep and indelible, but ends up being as profound as a bowl of soggy noodles staring at you for edible nirvana….

Who wrote this garbage? You wonder.

IBN Live:

Even if you’re willing to overlook the film’s tacky production values and dismal music score, what’s completely unforgivable is the tasteless humour.

Deccan Herald:

Compared to the famous Jim Carrey-starrer Bruce Almighty, God Tussi Great Ho comes across as an over-the-top, kitschy, sorry-rip of the original.

Say what you will but God Tussi Great Ho is a pathetic copy of the Jim Carrey comedy Bruce Almighty (2003).

Bruce Almighty was a fairly decent comedy thanks to Jim Carrey’s superb performance.

The best that can be said of God Tussi Great Ho is that it reminded us of photos of advanced stages of syphilis we once saw in a book at one of the British Council libraries in India.

God Tussi Great Ho is that bad.


[T]he rehash is as loud as its interior decoration, as uncool as Salman Khan’s wardrobe, as ugly as Priyanka Chopra’s nose-ring, and as brain-dead as Sohail Khan’s performance.

No, we would definitely not be surprised should God Tussi Great Ho turn out to be one of the biggest Bollywood disasters of 2008 at the box office.

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