Hooray, Netflix Offers More Instant Movies

Online DVD rental service Netflix is expanding the number of movies in its Watch Instantly movie streaming service, which lets subscribers view movies instantly (without having to wait for a DVD to arrive by mail) on a TV via a set-box like the $99 Roku.

Netflix said Wednesday that it has struck a deal with Starz Entertainment to offer 2,500 movies and TV shows, adding to its its existing collection of 12,000 movies and TV episodes for instant viewing.

New movies available for instant watching on Netflix include Ratatouille, No Country for Old Men, Wild Hogs, Superbad and Catch and Release.

There will be no extra cost to view the Starz movies/TV shows as long as subscribers are on a $8.99 per month or higher plan.

Although Netflix offers a huge collection of Hindi and Tamil DVDs for rental, the number of Indian movies available for instant viewing is very limited (just 65).

Indian movies available for instant viewing on Netflix are usually Bollywood oldies like Swarg Narak, Ghar Ek Mandir, Prem Geet, Jai Santoshi Maa, Baton Baton Mein, Thodisi Bewafaii and Julie.

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