American Crook Expands Indian Operations

One of America’s most crooked software companies CA (previously known as Computer Associates) is expanding its operations in the South Indian city of Hyderabad.

CA’s former top executives are in prison and the company was notorious for filing false reports with the U.S. regulatory agencies like the SEC and obstructing government investigations into its shenanigans. CA was also famous for its 35-day month to meet revenue targets.

The U.S. Department of Justice forced CA to cough up $225 million to compensate victims of the company’s fraudulent actions a few years back.

Coming back to the present, CA is expanding its India Technology Center (ITC) with the construction of a new 180,000 square foot building on its campus in Hyderabad.

The ITC is said to be involved in development of all major CA products in the areas of IT management, governance and security.

Scheduled for completion in late 2010, the $30 million research and development center will have the capacity to house an additional 1,000 employees.

CA currently has 1,600 employees in India.

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