Ajith – All at Sea in Aegan

Ajith’s Shame – Hey, Even Genelia’s Better than Him

Ajith was one of the biggest disappointments of Aegan.

Here’s an excerpt from SearchIndia.com’s review of Aegan:

It’s a mighty shame that Ajith Kumar has failed to pick up the most basic acting skills even after aeons in the movie business. Surely, even lobotomized dolts or a washerman’s ass would learn something after 16 years in a trade.

From the moment the fella appears on the screen leaning against a fence with a gun in hand to the last frame of Aegan, Ajith Kumar is the ultimate case study of a gibbering monkey. All that’s missing is a Vaal (tail) for this thala (as Ajith is referred to in movie circles).

When Ajith dances, it’s with the grace of Oliver Hardy; when Ajith fights, it’s with the finesse and bravado of Vadivelu’s comic scuffles; When Ajith walks it’s with the swagger of a drunk Johnny Lever or the late Jeevan. When Ajith talks, it’s with the charm of the handicapped child in Black.

Never a great dancer, Ajith sinks to a new low in Aegan.

The Hey Baby song dance featuring Ajith, Nayantara and four buffoons represents the nadir of dances in Tamil movies although Ajith’s other song/dance Hey Sala (after the kidnap incident) comes a close second.

When Nayantara kisses him, Ajith seems like a deer caught in the headlights. Odd for one obsessed with his teacher.

A similar zombie expression follows when Ajith sees the photo of his father in Naren’s house.

Such was the torture Ajith inflicted upon us that we felt as if he was not an agent of Lucifer come to torment us but Lucifer himself sinking his fangs into our throat.

High time Ajith picked up some acting tips from his peers – surely even Vadivelu, Simbhu and Vishal can give this bloke some tips.

When Suman asks him towards the end, Villain Madri Pesare, Ajit replies – Villainakku villainthan.

Sadly, with his ugly performance, Ajith has proved to be the villain for the whole movie (not just for the villain).

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