Gmail Gets Better – Video, Voice Chat Added

Gmail, the world’s fastest growing e-mail service and part of the Google family, today got better with the addition of free video and voice chat capabilities.

The video and voice chat are integrated into Gmail and can be started through the Video and more tab at the bottom of the chat window.

You can pop-out move the chat window, adjust the size and even expand it into a full screen.

To get Gmail voice and video chat going, you’ll need to first download a plugin. Make sure you have a webcam as well.

Google says that:

in the spirit of open communications, we designed this feature using Internet standards such as XMPP, RTP, and H.264, which means that third-party applications and networks can choose to interoperate with Gmail voice and video chat.

Indians are big users of Gmail and the new Video and Voice chat features should further enhance the e-mail service’s popularity.

Market researcher comScore ranks Gmail the fourth largest e-mail service after Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

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