Microsoft Tries New Gimmick to Push Zune

Unless you’ve just come in from another planet, you know that Microsoft’s Zune digital music player is a disaster.

We’ve long believed that only schmucks and trash lovers buy Zune. Serious music lovers have already purchased Apple’s iPod, which is available in different models and is also part of the popular iPhone.

In the latest move to boost Zune sales, Microsoft is tweaking its $14.95 a month music subscription service to let users permanently keep 10 tracks every month.

Like all previous Microsoft efforts (price cuts, adding features like wireless sync capability et al), we believe this one too won’t make a difference.

You can put all the lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day it’s still a pig, right.

Take it from us, even if Microsoft were to give its Zune player away for free there would be few takers for that piece of junk.

In any case, music subscriptions have hardly taken the world by storm.

Surely, there’s a reason why iPods account for 71% of MP3 digital music players sold in the U.S. compared to Microsoft’s 4% (Source: NPD Group).

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