Flops, Big Flops & Mega Flops; Is Eros in Trouble?

Quick, what’s the hottest gossip item on the Bollywood party circuit these days?

No, it’s not the silly when will Kareena and Saif tie the knot (who cares) or when will Abhishek Bachchan learn acting (most likely, never). 

You know what, we think the hottest item number at parties these days must be the losses that Bollywood distributor and producer Eros Entertainment has rung up this year.

Eros Plight
2008 is turning out to be annus horribilis for Eros Entertainment, the Bollywood distributor and producer (including of plagiarized Hollywood films).

Look at the fate of some of the big movies that Eros has been involved with lately either as producer or distributor – Drona, Yuvvraaj, God Tussi Great Ho, Aegan (Tamil) have all turned out to be damp squibs at the box office. Eros is a major stakeholder in UK-based Ayngaran, the producer of Aegan.

Drona, God Tussi Great Ho (a pathetic lift of Bruce Almighty) and Yuvvraaj were monumental disasters. Aegan’s response in the U.K. was lousy.

What goes? Has Eros lost its touch? It would seem so, going by the box office fate of their recent movies.

Is there no end to Eros’ pain. There would be an end to the pain if only the bozos at Eros entrusted less to dame luck and more to good scripts, solid actors, original movies and of course to hard work.

By the way, did we tell you that Eros’ shares are trading close to their 52-week low on London’s AIM.

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