Satyam Employees – Get Out Before You are Kicked Out

All ye Satyam employees, if you haven’t already started looking for a job elsewhere you need to get your head examined.

Jump ship before the coming carnage in the form of massive layoffs.

Once the massive layoffs are announced, there will be far too many candidates scrambling for far too few openings.

Dust off your resumes and get to work immediately on finding a new job at a less crooked company.

We doubt Satyam has adequate liquidity to pull through in the coming months without injection of fresh capital.

And who is going to inject capital into a crooked company, we’d like to know.

Also, remember senior Satyam’s interim CEO Ram Mynampati has already acknowledged at the press conference that liquidity is an issue.

And God knows what other ugly secrets remain to be uncovered as the investigation gets underway.

There Will be Blood. Lots of blood.

Get out before the bullets start flying.

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