13.7m iPhones Sold in ’08; 500m Apps Downloaded

iPhone is still on a roll.

Apple said today it’d sold 13.7 million iPhone units in 2008 (including 4.36 million in Q4 alone), well ahead of its target of 10 million for the year.

Apple customers are also downloading applications in a big, big way.

Over half-a-billion apps (that is 500-million for the mathematically disadvantaged) have been loaded out of a total of 15,000 applications from Apple’s App Store, which offers a variety of free and paid apps.

Freedom from the PC
Like so many others, we’ve now become addicted to the iPhone 3G (although the phone part is still not a reliable product).

The Internet part of iPhone 3G works fine via Wi-Fi (3G is still work in progress even in the U.S and it will be quite a while before we see a reliable and widespread 3G infrastructure in India).

The iPhone 3G has to some extent liberated us from the PC and the mouse.

Lying down in bed, with the lights off and the sheets over us, in the still of the night on the iPhone 3G we read SRINIVAS’ rants against Muslims, Gandhiji (with more avatars than even Vishnu), StrYngLad74 slamming Slumdog Millionaire as a mediocre movie, Gora on Abhishek Bachchan, Araj with his interesting perspectives, Shuaib68, Joe Antony, Asha Tampa on why we have not read Bridges of Madison County, the mysterious Chicago friend, not to forget that schmuck Noble frothing that we are actually Pakistanis or LTTE refugees.

And of course, ogling at Preity Zinta and Tabu via YouTube.

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