Reading Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano

Unless you’ve just landed here from some other planet, you know that Gomorrah is the book on which the acclaimed eponymous movie is based.

As the cover of the book puts it, Gomorrah is author Roberto Saviano’s ‘personal journey into the violent international empire of Naples’ organized crime.’

Known as the Camorra, the organized crime network has infiltrated deep into the fabric of the society with stakes in construction, fashion, toxic waste disposal and, of course, illicit drugs.

A native of Naples, Saviano is said to have witnessed his first murder at the age of thirteen.

Compared to the Camorra, the American Mafia is today an emasculated rump.

Gomorrah, which is Saviano’s first book, has won several awards including the 2006 Viareggio Literary Prize.

Saviano has been living under continuous police protection following the publication of Gomorrah. 

Once we finish Gomorrah, we’ll have a full review of the book.

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