Obama Took Lot of Money from Scumbag AIG

Why do you think change never comes in Washington and the common man always keeps getting shafted?

Because most of our politicians including President Barack Obama are in bed with the big corporations that keep screwing the hardworking Americans.

Big Beneficiary
Let’s take Obama for instance.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama received $104,332 from the scumbag company AIG in the last election cycle.

Obama was the largest beneficiary of AIG’s ‘generosity’ (meaning in reality taxpayers’ generosity) in the last election cycle.

No wonder Obama does not want to go along with the House leaders in imposing the 90% tax on the undeserving bonus recipients at the loss-making, struggling AIG.

Overall, AIG handed out $644,218 to their federal politician buddies over the last election cycle. Both Democrats and Republicans were the beneficiaries of AIG’s largesse.

Americans are Outraged
According to a new poll conducted by The O’Leary Report and Zogby International, 73% of Americans want members of Congress who received campaign conbtributions from AIG to return the money (Obama was a member of Congress, the junior Senator from Illinois until he became President).

Yes, Americans are outraged. But does anybody care.

By the way, Obama was also one of the biggest beneficiaries of another bailedout shitty corporation, CitigroupObama got $611,032 from the Vikram Pandit led Citi in the last election cycle.

What do you think Obama will do?
We’ll bet that Obama will fork out more money to his donor buddies by way of bailouts and stand in the way of appropriate policies like imposing a tax on the bonuses that are not deserved. That’s what the clown will do.

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