Watching Uninvited

Yesterday being Monday, like any other cheapo desi we went over to Red Box for our free movie fix.

We picked Uninvited (David Strathairn, Elizabeth Banks).

Directed by Tom and Charlie Guard and based on the South Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters, Uninvited was released in January 2009.

We’ll update this post after we finish the 87-minute movie.


A fairly decent movie with a nice twist.

Emily Browning does a fine job as Anna Rydell, a disturbed young girl who’s released from a mental hospital at the beginning of the movie.

Anna has been at the mental institution since her sick mother died in a tragic explosion in their boat house some 10 months earlier.

When she comes home, Anna realizes her father is now involved with her mother’s nurse Rachel.

Neither Anna nor her elder sister Alex are happy about their dad’s involvement with Rachel.

But can they do anything about it at all even as bizarre things keep happening around Anna.

All in all, a Paisa Vasool movie (particularly, considering we paid $0 rental fee).

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