Cheapo Deal of the Day – $349 PC

Hey, cheapo desis, here’s a deal that you’ve gotta love if you have snivelling, snoopy lil’ brats you don’t want messing around or ogling at the naughty pictures mommy has stashed away on her personal/office PC or laptop.

Best Buy is offering an eMachines PC ET1810-03 (3GB RAM, 320GB HD, E2210 Pentium dual core processor, Vista Home Premium SP1, 6-months anti-virus subscription) + 18.5 LCD monitor for $349.

Obviously, this PC is not a gaming system or meant for molecular modeling but well suited for mundane tasks like web surfing, YouTube, word processing et al.

The bundle includes a free upgrade to Windows 7 OS, whenever Microsoft releases that darn thing.

What the heck! We just picked up one system

The eMachines PC is huge (unlike the sleek, compact new Acer PCs) and both the PC and monitor come in pristine white color, a la the Apple systems.

We don’t expect setup will be a big deal but we’ll update this post just in case.

The stupid f**ks at eMachines did not include speakers with this system and failed to offer an optical mouse but packed the old-type with the ball. The keyboard isn’t great too. How dumb can they be?

Setting up this PC was a breeze.

We had to install a bunch of Windows updates (at last count 21) to ensure that the whackos won’t have a field-day with our machine.

Otherwise, the PC is fine, works well and is very quiet.

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