Sun Servers Screwed, Totally

We’ve been shouting ourselves hoarse here that Sun Microsystems is a completely screwed up company.

The saga of this shitty Silicon Valley IT company is one of losses, losses and more losses and crappy servers that fewer and fewer businesses want to buy.

No surprise then that the dying company was sold to Oracle and the company recently announced plans to fire another 3,000 employees on top of the thousands it’s laid off previously.

We’ve long advocated on this blog that all the Sun employees must be fired, the company should be shut down and the money ought to be returned to shareholders.

Alas, our words of wisdom have fallen on deaf ears and the company’s downward slide continues unabated.

Gartner put out its quarterly servers report the other day and the numbers for Sun are plain awful.

A frigging nightmare.

Here, look at the below table to see how badly Sun servers are faring vis-a-vis its competitors:

Sun Servers

Of course, if Sun’s server revenues are falling 32%, its shipments must be falling precipitously too.

Right. No surprises here.

Folks, Sun’s server shipments are not merely falling but collapsing. Please see below table:

Server Shipments

Time was when the telecom and financial sectors couldn’t get enough Sun servers and workstations.

Now, this company Sun Microsystems is the joke of Silicon Valley.

By the way, Sun was co-founded by IIT Delhi alumnus Vinod Khosla in 1982.

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