Poor Response to Goa

Goa received a pathetic response from Tamil movie fans for the opening show of the movie on the East Coast.

For the 4:00PM show at MovieShitty on Oak Tree Road in Edison, NJ there were just five people.

An embarrassing debacle, folks.

Of the five, one person was seen frequently getting out of the hall.

We sympathize with him. You see, the movie was plain awful.

Goa is produced by Ocher Picture Productions of Soundarya Rajinikanth (daughter of Tamil film super-star Rajinikanth).

As we left the movie hall at 6:57PM, there were few people waiting in the lobby suggesting the 7:20PM show also might not draw a big crowd.

The low turnout for Goa was despite the fact that no other new Tamil movie released at MovieShitty or elsewhere in the area today.

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