SI Reads the Quran 6 – Allah Hates Homos

Statutory Warning: All Religions are Equally Stupid

Besides demonstrating callous insensitivity towards disbelievers and making frequent threats of the blazing fire awaiting those who refuse to repose their faith in him, Allah also exhibits a bigotry towards men whose sexual orientation differs from the mainstream.

In short, Allah is a homophobe.

You have Allah’s anti-gay bigotry leaping at you in plain sight in the Quran.

Here’s an incensed Allah speaking in the voice of the ‘prophet’ Lot:

You lust after men rather than women. You transgress all bounds. (Sura 7, Aya 81)

Say, is Allah the sexual policeman or what? The seventh century precursor of the modern-day Republican Party.

And what is the destined fate of such homosexuals. Here again is Allah:

and We showered upon [the rest of] them a rain [of destruction]. See the fate of the evildoers. (Sura 7 Aya 84)

Rain of destruction for humans daring to follow the call of their heart? That’s the merciful Allah for you.

If Allah lived in modern times, he’d likely face charges of violating the civil rights of Gays.

By the way, the above Suras are not isolated instances in the Quran.

Time and again, Allah gives vent to his anti-homosexual tirades:

If two men commit a lewd act, punish them both; (Sura 4, Aya 16)

Perhaps, homosexuality was not so infrequent among the seventh century Arabs if Allah felt he had to raise his voice repeatedly against what he deems a vice:

How can you commit this outrage with your eyes wide open? How can you lust after men instead of women? What fools you are! The only answer his people gave was to say, ‘Expel Lot’s followers from your town! These men mean to stay chaste! (Sura 27 Aya 54, 55 & 56)

Are such bigoted preachings worthy enough of a God, one who repeatedly boasts of being omniscient, omnipotent and merciful.

We don’t think so.

Here again is the anti-gay bigot Allah:

Must you, unlike [other] people, lust after males and abandon the wives that God has created for you? Your are exceeding all bounds, but they replied, ‘Lot! if you do not stop this, you will be driven away.’ So he said,  ‘I loathe what you do: Lord, save me and my family from what they are doing.’ (Sura 26 Aya 160-169)

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