Watching Sura

(via iPhone)

After a 20-minute Hamletian dithering of ‘To go or not to go,’ we finally took the Sura plunge.

And so here we’re at a crappy theater on the East Coast waiting for Tamil film to start.

The print just arrived in a van.

So it should take another 30-45 minutes for the movie to start.

There’s hardly anyone at the theater. Not a good sign.

By the way, Telugu film Simha is also releasingy today.

Sura, as all ye schmucks know, is Tamil film star Vijay’s 50th film.

Besides Vijay, Sura features Tammanah Bhatia and Vadivelu.

S.P.Rajkumar is the director.

Let’s hope we get a lotta bang for our $11.

Folks, we’ll have the Sura review up later tonight.


People are starting to walk in.

There are 27 people inside the hall.

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