Watching Greenberg

It’s just 9:05PM ET here and we’re already semi-sloshed on Ginger Brandy and Seltzer Water.

The peerless maestro Ennio Morricone’s La Ballata Di Hank McCain (‘gli Intoccabili’) is playing on our PC as we type this stuff.

Is life good or bad? We have no idea

Hell, who gives a f*ck!

All we know is that we were keen on watching the Ben Stiller starring film Greenberg (directed by Noah Baumbach) when it released here a few months ago.

But what with the pressures of daily blogging, incessant drinking and dealing with the countless other humdrum must-dos  of daily life, we gave the movie the pass although it got mostly decent reviews.

Bet all ye schmucks fantasizing of sucking on Rahman’s dick and suckling on Namitha’s teats have no clue about Greenberg.

Why aren’t we surprised.

In any case, as we were fiddling with the RedBox app on our iPhone last night we noticed Greenberg had already made it to DVD.

So earlier today on our way back from the library after returning the French movie Le Petit Lieutenant, we dropped by at a nearby RedBox kiosk to see if they had the movie.

Alas, not at the first one.

So off we went to the adjacent kiosk where, fortunately, the movie was available. Since we are cheap desi SOBs reluctant to spend even $1 on the rental we used a coupon code (BREAKROOM) and got the DVD for free. 😉

Besides Ben Stiller, Greenberg also features Greta Gerwig, Rhys Ifans and Chris Messina.

We’ve started watching the 107-minute movie.

You may not count on us to update this post after we finish the film.

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