Tear Down Austin Gurdwara; Court Decision is Fair

We are encouraging all freedom loving people to help us in our endeavour to reverse this over-reaching and unjust decision – Austin Gurdwara Sahib

Folks, do not for a moment swallow the argument of these whining Sardarjis of Austin that the court decision was unjust – The Texas Appeals Court decision ordering the tearing down of the Gurdwara from a residential area is most fair and a just decision.

The facts of the matter are simple. The Austin Gurdwara Sahib building is in violation of the property deed restrictions of the Bee Caves West Subdivision.

The deed restrictions are clear, unambiguous and leave no room for doubt:

1. No lot shall be used for other than residential purposes, and no soil or trees shall
be removed for any residential use.
2. No building shall be erected other than single family dwellings with garage.

By building a Gurdwara, which by no stretch of imagination is a residential building, the Austin Gurdwara Sahib is in violation of the property deed restrictions.

Although the initial Trial Court decision went in the Austin Gurdwara Sahib’s favor the Appeals Court ruling of July 9 was a big blow to the Gurdwara.

The plaintiffs in the case are John and Leslie Bollier, who are lot owners in the Subdivision and argue that such a construction could lower property values in the residential neighborhood. As it is, property values are declining in most parts of the country with the collapse of the housing market.

Following the court defeat, the Austin Gurdwara Sahib is now waging an aggressive campaign in the media and on the Internet to prevent the bulldozing of the Gurdwara. The WSJ has a story on the issue in today’s edition.

The Austin Gurdwara Sahib must not be allowed to succeed.

Call your Austin Congressman/Texas Senators and ask him/her to ensure that the Austin Gurdwara Sahib follows the law of the land.

Bottom line, as we’ve said often, all religions are equally stupid and bring nothing but distress in their wake.

This legal battle is just one more sad example.

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