Amazing America – 21% of Whites Think Obama is a Muslim; Another 40% Don’t Know His Religion

More than one in five Whites in America now think Barack Obama is a Muslim despite our President having declared unequivocally that he is a Christian.

An additional 40% of White Americans say they do not know the President’s religion, according to a recent poll.

By the way, the number of Whites who think Obama is a Muslim has increased from 11% to 21% in the last 17 months (as you can see in the below table).

A mere 35% of Whites think Obama is Christian, a decrease of 15 points over the last 17 months.

And you thought the nut cases lived only in India.

Or is race the American equivalent of the Indian caste system?


Important Note
The Pew Research poll was conducted before Obama’s recent remarks on building a huge Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City.

So we’ll have to assume that even more White Americans think Obama is a Muslim now.

Don’t be surprised if more White Americans start referring to Barack Hussein Obama as President Hussein.

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