Sad Day for Delaware; Tea Party Whacko Wins Republican Primary

We are distraught beyond words. 🙁

CNN has just projected the Tea Party supported candidate Christine O’Donnell as the winner of the Republican Primaries for the Senate seat previously held by our Vice President Joe Biden.

It seems O’Donnell got 53.2% of the votes while Castle managed only 46.8%.

Christine O'Donnell

Endorsed by Sarah ‘Nut Case’ Palin, Christine O’Donnell beat veteran Delaware politician Michael Castle, a sitting Congressman and former Governor.

Christine O’Donell will now be the official Republican Party candidate, which repeatedly slammed her in the primaries.

The 41-year-old Christine O’Donell has little credentials to make her worthy of being a Senator and was too much of a pussy to even take questions from the media. This whacko wants to repeal the healthcare bill passed by the Obama administration to provide healthcare to tens of millions of uninsured people.

A few years back, this Christine nut-case said masturbation was adultery. 🙁 No kidding.

For those living outside the U.S., the Tea Party is comprised mostly of angry, racist White folks who have lost their grip over reality and, of course, over their sanity as well.

O’Donell will face Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons in the November 2010 general election.

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