The Good Guy Review – Good Thriller; Pick it Up

We have little doubt that most of our readers are schmucks who get their jollies mostly at the sight of Bollywood stars buffoons like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar et al on the big screen.

In the fond hope that there are at least a few readers who enjoy better things in life, we write this brief review of Dean Koontz’ The Good Guy.

Good Guy

Dean Kootz is not an unfamiliar name to us. We had seen his books in our peripheral vision at local libraries and book stores like Border’s and Barnes and Noble but never picked one up.

This time, when we saw The Good Guy in the new books section of our county library we picked it up little realizing it was a three-year-old title.

Set in Southern California, the 305-page book is a fine thriller that keeps you engrossed.

One evening a stone mason Timothy Carrier quietly sipping his beer in a bar is mistaken for a hit-man and offered $10,000 in cash as initial payment to kill a young woman Linda.

A few minutes after Tim accepts the packet of cash and the intended victim’s photo, the real hit-man turns up at the same bar and and this guy too sits next to our mason fella nursing the beer.

Again, Tim is a victim of mistaken identity. This time, the real killer thinks Tim is the guy who is ordering the hit on the girl.

Those two odd initial overtures marks the starting point for the book and triggers a wild chase for the next 300-pages.

The plot is neatly executed and it’s hard to conclusively guess if the Good Guy is going to win this cat-and-mouse game where he’s often close to being by the assassin on his trail with superior and seemingly infinite resources.

Koontz writes well, persuasively and possesses a nice flair for the language, an uncommon element in thrillers. strongly recommends The Good Guy.

If you like thrillers, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

We’d go as far as to say The Good Guy is one unputdownable book.

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