Enthiran Second Half – Rubbish

Enthiran Review – Orgy of Stupidity

Folks, it’s 2:06 AM on the U.S. East Coast and we’ve just returned home.

Driving back in the pouring, torrential rain in pitch dark, hard as it was, was still a cakewalk compared to the torment of sitting through the second half of Enthiran.

Too many issues – Sophomoric story, Aishwarya Rai’s horrid acting, lack of chemistry between Aishwarya and the hero Rajnikanth, poor music, lousy picturization of songs et al.

The movie overall is Total Garbage.

Don’t waste your money on Enthiran. It just ain’t worth it.

We’ll try and have the full review soon.

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Enthiran Review – Orgy of Stupidity

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