Critics Butcher John Abraham’s Jhootha Hi Sahi

There you go.

Another Friday and another Bollywood movie gets butchered by the critics.

So, what’s new.

Queen Anne’s dead, folks.

Here’s what the critics had to say on the new John Abraham film Jhootha Hi Sahi:


A weak, almost spineless screenplay, mediocre storyline, and “ajeeb” chemistry (rather, no chemistry) between lead pair Abraham and Pakhi contribute to the boredom that is Jhootha Hi Sahi.


After watching Anjaana Anjaani and Jhootha Hi Sahi in quick succession, I’ve come to the conclusion that if a Hindi film begins with a lead character attempting suicide and not succeeding, then viewers are in big trouble.

Because the next two hours are invariably spent in watching the character discover the value of life, usually by falling in love. He or she goes from depressed and weepy to giddy and happy.

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Sadly, Abbas Tyrewala’s new offering JHOOTHA HI SAHI falls flat…. What comes across is unexciting, boring and lethargic. Moments make a love story work and JHOOTHA HI SAHI never reaches there. It lacks the fizz and heart, to put it bluntly. Also, the chemistry between the lead pair – John Abraham and Pakhi – is plastic.

Another department where the film fumbles, besides writing, is its music. It’s an unspoken rule that love stories should be embellished with terrific music, but maestro A.R. Rahman’s compositions in JHOOTHA HI SAHI are lifeless.

Final word? Thumbs down!


For a script so hopelessly dependent on conversation, Jhootha Hi Sahi is one spark-free one on one. Sad, considering Tyrewala’s mastery of words, genre no bar, makes him one of the best screenwriters in the business. Instead the screenplay resorts to the oldest and convenient-most trick in the trade of substituting verbal interaction for tame song sequences.

Sure, the critics might have thrown a few crumbs here and there but overall Jhootha Hi Sahi has failed to win them over.

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