.Com the Most Dangerous Domain

After analyzing 27 million sites, security software provider McAfee has concluded that web sites ending in .com sites offer the most security risk to web surfers.

McAfee found 31.3% of .com sites to be risky.

Hear this – Of all the risky web sites in the world (including country domains such as .us, .in et al), 56% end in .com.

What Does Risky Mean?
Risky web sites can purloin consumers passwords, empty your bank accounts, steal identities and install bots to attack other PCs.

So the next time you download a picture of your favorite buxom Indian actress, who knows what else your PC is getting.

A Faustian bargain, eh?

Country Domains
The riskiest country domain is Vietnam (.vn) and Japan’s .jp the safest. Of course, this could change next year since .vn was considered a relative safe domain last year.

Overall, McAfee researchers determined a security risk in 6.2% of the 27 million web sites it analyzed.

By the way, 3.4% of India’s .in web sites are considered risky.

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