You’d be a F*cking Fool If You Voted for the Republican Scumbags/Tea Potty Idiots Tomorrow

Tomorrow is election day, schmucks.

Make sure you show them Republican and Tea Party mothaf*ckas who’s boss.

Democrats may not have met all your expectations or ours.

And Obama failed to get us the Public Option in the Health Care Bill and the Afghanistan War is still a mess.

Thank the Lord, we at least got a health-care bill because the Rethuglicans would have let you die.

And only God the Devil knows what misadventure the Rethuglicans would have led us into after the Eyeraq fiasco.

Remember, democrats are a gazillion times better than the whacko, loony Republican nut-cases who think evolution is a myth, abortion is a heinous crime, all taxes are bad and the corporate chieftains are saints.

When you are in the voting booth tomorrow, remember to Vote Democrat wherever you live in the United States of America.

God Bless America, as the politicians like to say at the end of their BS speeches. 😉

Ah, the gin’s really got to us tonight. 😉

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